This Is The Most Breathtaking Photo Taken Of Montreal Ever, Yes... Ever!

Photo cred - Patrick Morrell

Capturing the grandiose glory of any city within a single photograph is a nigh impossible task, especially when that city is Montreal. But it has been done, as CBC's Patrick Morrell has managed to accomplish a true photographic feat with a stunning image of Mount Royal and the surrounding city on a clear winter day.

Morrell, while high in the sky in a plane off to Halifax, took the impressive image you see before you. Nothing short of epic, the picture itself is part of a 4-photo series, all of which are quite spectacular, though the photo above focuses on Mount Royal, which serves to centre the surrounding expanse of the city, making for the most aesthetically pleasing image.

Be sure to check out the entire photo set by Patrick Morrell here.

Photo cred – Sean Sayed

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