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This Is The Most Creative Secret Santa Exchange You Will Ever See. It Is Funny And Cool

Leave it to redditors to take Xmas super seriously.
This Is The Most Creative Secret Santa Exchange You Will Ever See. It Is Funny And Cool

Screw Kris Kringle, Yankee Swap, Bad Santa, or whatever other lame gift giving exchange your office/group of friends are doing. Take a note from Redditors, who always do it best.

In a Secret Santa exchange including over 120, 000 people, redditors crespokid got sickgnasty's name, and the gift he prepared was beyond epic. Check out the play by play photo documentation for inspiration on your next Secret Santa gift.

It all begins with an unassuming cardboard box

And out pops a plush doll shark!

With an old school Grumpy Cat Santa card...instructions inside

Looks like we're gonna have to play operation on this shark. Sorry, guy.

Here are some drugs. Nighty night.

Now, to get stabbin'

What's this? There was an alligator inside that shark!

More stiches = more murder. It's all in the name of Christmas, so it's okay

C-section rat birth out of an alligator. This is already an Xmas miracle

One more carcass to cut through. Fingers crossed this is the last one

Finally a psuedo-birth that makes some sense. With the real gift attached!

A Pen and Ink sketch pen!

And all these cute animals died for it. #WorthIt

Source - reddit

Best Secret Santa exchange ever? Cruel punishment of plush dolls everywhere? Tell us so in the comments below!

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