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This Is The Most Dangerous Neighbourhood In Montreal For Cyclists

Take precautions when biking.
This Is The Most Dangerous Neighbourhood In Montreal For Cyclists

Every Montrealer knows that one of the best methods for travelling through the city is the bike.

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With designated bike lanes and even the widely available public bikes (BIXI), it's no wonder that biking has become hugely popular in the city. 

As favourable as biking may be, you may want to be more cautious while cruising around the city. 

According to the Montreal Gazette, there's an average of 3.75 cyclist deaths per year in Montreal, though, of course, the total number of deaths varies by year. From 2006-2017 there have been a total of 45 deaths related to cycling in Montreal. 

The most dangerous neighbourhood for cyclists is surprisingly Rosemont- La Petite-Patrie area, with the most accident-related deaths in Montreal. 

The numbers don't lie: between 2006-2017, there have been 10 cycling related deaths that have occurred in this neighbourhood. That's not counting the recent two deaths in that area just this year! 

This number may not seem like a lot, but it's almost twice as high as other Montreal neighbourhoods, such as Ville-Marie.

You might be wondering what makes Rosemont so dangerous for cyclists. There are numerous factors that play into it, such as the area's dense commerical activity,  frequent traffic, and even speeding. 

Next time you're riding in this area, take extra precaution. 


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