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This Is The Most Expensive Marijuana Item You Can Buy At The SQDC Online

Happy legalization day everyone! Today marks a historic day for Canada and its people: marijuana is officially legal.

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TL;DR Currently, the most expensive item you can find at the SQCD online shop is a $105 THC-based oil spray. When taken orally it should create an "impression of being relaxed and a feeling of euphoria."

Scrolling through the SQDC website and looking at the photos of the official SQDC shops – I must say – it looks great. Clearly a lot of hard work went on behind the scenes to launch these shops and online store.

The design of the website itself is sleek and minimal. It almost resembles the aesthetics of IKEA, if IKEA sold weed.

On the website, users are prompted to shop by "product" category, which is further divided into three categories: "type," "species," and "strength."

So – you can start by shopping for "type" as in: dried, ground, pre-rolled, oils, sprays, and pills. Or, if you're already an expert and know what tickles your fancy, you can shop by "species," as in: indica, sativa, hybrid, and blend.

One item stands out though because it's the priciest on the entire site.

This is an oil spray by Tweed called Bakerstreet with a price tag of $105.90.

Via sqdc

Via sqdc

Via sqdc

This is an oil that you ingest orally in spray form. It contains a strong dose of THC but no CBD.

According to the product description it will "intensify the impression of being relaxed and may create a feeling of euphoria."

Name your price and sign me up!

Personally, I'm surprised and pleased to see that the SQDC has done a great job at providing Quebecers will a wide range of product types, so that people who don't necessarily enjoy the act of smoking can also reap all the benefits of THC and CBD.

Check out SQDC's official website here, and you can also follow them on Twitter here.

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