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This Is The Most Expensive Poutine In Canada

Decadent AF.
This Is The Most Expensive Poutine In Canada

Poutine is traditionally composed of three simple ingredients, fries, gravy, and curded cheese. Elegant in its simplicity, these three ingredients dance together seamlessly in one's mouth and belly.

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It wouldn't take long before people began to use poutine as a blank canvas for their own masterful culinary creations. 

Today, we can find thousands of twists on the original. From high-end elevated gourmet style twists like lobster poutine to more low-end greasy spoon twists like smoked meat poutine, and everything in between. 

I mean anything literally, name one ingredient, I've seen it on a Poutine. 

With that said, in honor of the release of a new movie Crazy Rich Asians the restaurant Smokes Poutinerie is hosting a contest they are calling #crazyrichpoutine. 

One fan of Smokes Poutinerie created a monster of a Poutine that is most definitely considered to be the most expensive poutine in Canada. Just check it out in the Instagram post below.

Topped with Wagyu Beef stips, Lobster chunks, Caviar and Truffle Infused Gravy, this poutine is rich AF - literally and figuratively. 

Smokes Poutinerie has all kinds of contests happening this summer, and indeed all you have to do to enter is eat and take some pictures of their delicious Poutines. 

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To find the closest Smokes Poutinerie to you click HERE

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