This Is The Nutella Burger

Le Burger Week is already making mouths water.
This Is The Nutella Burger

Photo cred - Le Burger Week

Nutella on a burger, can it be done? Should it be? To answer both questions: so much yes. A creation catalyzed by the impending week-long food event Le Burger Week, the Nutella Hamburger is exactly the kind of food-fusion we need in and around our mouths.

Created by Lisa Marie in Toronto (sorry to get your hopes up Montreal) the Nutella Burger contains homemade plantain chips, coconut garlic aioli, and a very healthy dose of Nutella.

It may seem strange, but let's break it down. Hamburger patty = delicious. Nutella = orgasmic. Plantains = amazing. So added all together between two buns they must combine to be deliciomazegasmic. Math truly can be beautiful.

Le Burger Week begins on September 1st and ends on the 7th. For more info and delicious burger-updates, check out the FB page and (once the week begins) the official website.

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