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This Is The Nutella Morning Muffin

Stuffed with the best chocolate stuff.
This Is The Nutella Morning Muffin

Photo Cred - Miss Vogue Today

Muffins are the vaguely healthy cousin to cupcakes, typically filled with fruits and nuts to create the illusion of muffins being a low-fat treat. Fie on the muffin lie, we say, as most are just as fatty as any other baked good, why not fill 'em up with something decadent, rather than a bunch of bran? Something delicious like Nutella perhaps?

Injecting a delicious amount of Nutella into a simple muffin recipe is exactly what they did at Miss Vogue Today, creating a morning treat that will give you a sugar rush along with your caffeine boost. The recipe, using a chocolate base with roasted hazelnuts on top and inside, is like Nutella-Inception. So many levels of Nutella flavours!

Adding Nutella to the center of any muffin (or cupcake) is quite simple, and can be done with any recipe. Just place sizable scoops of Nutella onto a parchment lined baking sheet, then throw 'em all into the freezer for a while to firm up. This makes the Nutella-balls easy to handle when plopping into the filled muffin tin, or whatever you're baking.

For Nutella on Nutella muffin-action, check out the recipe here. If you're in a morning mad dash, just feast your eyes on the pics below.

As another example of the baking power of Nutella

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