This Is The Only Place That Serves "Dessert Oysters" In Montreal

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This Is The Only Place That Serves "Dessert Oysters" In Montreal

As a lover of oysters and pretty much everything that comes from under the sea, I make it a goal of mine to explore and dig out all the Montreal spots that are known for either amazing oysters or succulent seafood in general.

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I have written about the best $1 oyster deals in town, and I am here today to tell you about another spot that is absolutely unique in Montreal. Serving oysters but with a sweet and savory twist.

Maestro S.V.P is a seafood restaurant in the Plateau serving up all kinds of fresh and delectable creatures of the sea sources from around Canada. Boasting seafood specials such as $18 all you can eat mussels on Sunday and Monday nights and Tapas on Thursdays. This is the kind of promotion I can really get behind.

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They also specialize in a rare dish they call Dessert Oysters. What does that mean? Well, they create a slush - or granite - with a zesty and sweet Italian liquor, Grand Marnier, and serve it over a plump and salty oyster.

The result: a melody of flavors in your mouth. It's true genius and is a must-try for any seafood connoisseur. No kidding this dish is so good that even people who typically hate oysters will still find this delicious!

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For more information check out their Facebook page,  HERE.

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