This Is The Pierogi Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A whole new take on cheesy potatoes.
This Is The Pierogi Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Photo credit - BSintheKitchen

Go for a run, hit the gym, take a hike up the mountain, just do anything to get your body ready for a sandwich that has so much carb on carb on cheese action you will crave so badly you will be making it at home. A sinful synthesis of Ukrainian and North American comfort foods, this is the Pierogi Grilled Cheese.

A pierogi in grilled cheese form, the divine delectable placesa classic pierogi filling (mashed potatoes, a bit of cheese) in between two slices of French bread, with caramelized onions and more cheese added to reach grilled cheese-status. Then fried in a pan, the result is a sexy hot mess of cheese and potatoes that rivals a poutine.

Created by BS in the Kitchen, the PGC is meant to be served with sour cream, like all pierogi should be, but don't stop there. Ketchup is the classic grilled cheese condiment, so feel free to use both, at the same time. Sour cream and ketchup is an unpopular, but delicious, combination on fries that would certainly work on this bad boy.

Get the full recipe breakdown here, and get your eyes tearing up with anticipation through the pics below.

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