This Is The Portrait Of The Average Montrealer

The typical Montrealer, all based on statistics.
This Is The Portrait Of The Average Montrealer

Photo cred - Alexander Goldovsky 

Who is the average Montrealer? Is it you, your best bud, or that rando you see on the metro constantly? To be completely and entirely literal, none of those are right.

Metro's Mathias Marchal decided to find out exactly what the average Montrealer would look like, based on statistics on the city.

An amalgamation of averages, here is the average Montrealer:

  • Meet Isabella, a 39.2 year old woman born in 1974 (51.6% of Montrealers are women, average age and most common name of that year)
  • She is between jobs right now, after having gotten fired at her retail job (the two most common jobs)
  • A true-born heart breaker, Isabella lives alone, as never to be bothered by roommates (39% of Montrealers go solo)
  • Her skin tone is beige Pantone 9163U (a mix of demographics: 69.7% light, 8.7% dark, 13.6% brown, 8% amber colours)
  • Like 16.4% of Montrealers, Isabella is a smoker and rarely goes to the library
  • Isabella also isn't a big fan of getting her five full servings of fruit and veggies everyday (only 47% of Montrealers do)
  • And with all that Isabella is pretty happy with her life as a Montrealer (rate of life-satisfaction 92.9% in Montreal)
  • She is, of course, also an avid reader of MTL Blog :)

So the average Montrealer is a beige-skinned, unemployed cougar who hates to eat healthy, but is still loving life. Sounds about right.

Is this portrait accurate?

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*Disclaimer - woman featured above is not actually "Isabella".

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