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This Is The Problem With Montreal Dating Culture

We're completely fvcked.
This Is The Problem With Montreal Dating Culture

I want you to think of the first thing you do when you wake up. Do you call your significant other? No. You grab your phone and check your Facebook friends' updates, your Instagram feed and your snaps... Then you go on with your day and get ready for work or school. You'll text your s/o on your way out or in between your meetings. Our generation's lack of intimacy is sickening.

Dating has now turned into "Netflix and Chill" every once in a while. Seeing each other only a couple of times a month is totally normal and acceptable. We live in a busy world, right? Nowadays, flirting is the equivalent of texting a few cute emojis and hearts or liking each other's photos on social media. Do we really want to be in relationships that aren't real though?

True relationships flourish under one condition - being intimate with one another. What makes us fall in love with a person is the ability to strip our souls naked, expose our deepest fears, insecurities, emotions and still be accepted and loved. When two people open up to each other and become truly, deeply intimate - that's when magic happens. So why are we so afraid of it?

Sitting at a table with people and staring at our phone screens, having arguments over text and sharing every second of our lives on social media with people we don't even know - all of these things are "normal". When are we going to realize that we are single-handedly ruining our love lives by ignoring real intimacy?

Instead of opening up to each other, we build walls and barriers. We pretend to be someone we're not over social media and avoid any sort of closeness with those around us. "I need some space" - sounds familiar? Of course it does.

We're taught to believe that we need to be independent and strong... but in reality, weakness and humility are two character traits that make us the most human and real. There are no people on earth who don't need a life partner. Human beings long for companionship by nature.

Want to make a real change? Call instead of texting, go out on dates, see each other... see each other often! Make out, dance, hug, cuddle, play - do all these amazing things together and don't be afraid of the leap of faith into love, because the result is totally worth the risk.

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