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This Is The Ramen Beard Bowl

Epic beard styling turns facial hair into ramen receptacle.
This Is The Ramen Beard Bowl

Imagine a world where you could eat ramen anywhere, anytime, without even the need of a bowl. A dream to us non-bearded schmucks, but a reality for Mr. Incredibeard, who has literally carved out a ramen bowl out of his own facial hair. Who needs soup bowl when you have one attached to your face?

Facial hair feats are Mr. Incredibeard's shtick, as he is known for his insane beard styles. Functional and fashionable (at least mostly), Mr. Incredibeard can transform his face into a ramen bowl, a cup holder, and even those weird tentacle-y face-things Davy Jones had in Pirates of the Caribbean. Mr. Incredibeard is truly the apex of manliness, and looks damn good too. See what we mean in the pics below.

Can't get enough of the scruffy stuff? Check out Mr. Incredibeard's Facebook page.