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This Is The Ramen Poutine

Two cultures together in the tastiest way possible.
This Is The Ramen Poutine

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Ramen is perhaps one of the most comforting of dishes across all cultures. The warm broth and plethora of noodles, combined with the affordability, make for meal that simply makes you feel good inside. Only the poutine can surpasses comfort-tasty combo of ramen, because, well, cheese. But what would happen if the two combined into the ultimate feel-good meal?

The hypothetical becomes a delicious reality at Ramen Isshin, a Toronto noodle house that opened earlier this year. Fusing two very different dishes, the resto created a ramen-based poutine dubbed the "Japatine."

Priced at a very affordable $5.20, the Japatine features hand-cut fries, topped with cheese curds (essential). seaweed, green onions, and a curry gravy that is heavy on the minced meat.

We can only imagine the mouth-pleasure caused by the Japatine, and as much as we hate to say it, we actually envy Toronto folks for being able to eat this dish. Montreal ramen restaurants, you know have a new mission: make a ramen-poutine for us to eat!

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