This Is The Shepherd's Pie Poutine

Another reason poutine is the greatest food ever.
This Is The Shepherd's Pie Poutine

Two Montreal favourites have fused to make what we're calling the Shepherd's Pie Poutine.

Lamb , french fries, and cheese curds combine to make this delectable dish, and dayummmmm does it look good. Peas, carrots, and/or corn aren't in the mix, so it's not a legit pate chinois, but it's close enough.

This is nearly as awesome as the Grilled Cheese Poutine, but you be the judge.

Start out with some lamb shoulder and slow cook it for hours, so it's nice and tender

Oven bake some fries, fancy-style

Get your curds ready

Mix fries and curds...

Now lay on the lamb...

...and INDULGE!

Will you be cooking this tonight?

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