"Sriracha Beer" Is Now A Thing You Can Drink & Get Drunk On

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You love Sriracha, we love Sriracha, the whole mothertruckin' world loves Huy Fong's vibrant red hot sauce with a green cap, because lets be real, all other Sriracha brands are inferior. Sriracha-love has become so widespread, all manners of foods have been Sriracha-ized, including chips, onion rings, bacon, chocolate pie, and now, in a wild twist we really didn't see coming, beer.

Oregon-based brewery Rogue are the makers of (what we assume is) the world's first Sriracha beer, a combination of alcohol and hot sauce we're perplexed yet utterly excited about. Titled the "Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer," the brew is made using the iconic Huy Fong brand, and can apparently be paired "with soups, sauces, pasta, pizza...or anything you'd like to wash down with a spicy kick," according to the beer's product description.

Sriracha beer is strange enough, but what really had us scratching our heads is the fact that this beer is a stout, like Guiness. One wouldn't really think the sweet-spiciness of Sriracha would blend well with the rich malty taste of a stout, a blonde would make for a better flavour combo in our opinion, but hey, we can't knock it 'til we try it.

And try it we will. Right now, Rogue's Sriracha beer can be pre-ordered, but shipments aren't going out quite yet. According to the site, any order of the Sriracha beer won't go out 'til after December 30th. Montrealers can pre-order now, however, because Rogue WILL ship to Quebec, meaning you can be sippin' on some Sriracha beer in the new year...it'll just cost you a few pretty pennies in shipping costs.

Be the first to try Rogue's Sriracha Hot Stout Beer by heading to the product page here.

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