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This Is The Sushi Sandwich, Yes... The Sushi Sandwich!

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This Is The Sushi Sandwich, Yes... The Sushi Sandwich!

Photo cred - The Vulgar Chef

The moment I laid eyes on the Philadelphia Roll Sushi Slider by the Vulgar Chef I knew I had to try it immediately. A thick layer of smoked salmon laid over thin cucumber slices topped with a generous serving of cream cheese sandwiched between to lightly seared sticky rice patties and wrapped in nori. It such a simple idea and yet it's genius at the same time, it's like KFC's double down but for healthy people.

This sushi sandwich solves the biggest problem I have with sushi, which is trying to figure put how many pieces I can eat. (Other MTL Blog writers seem to have the same problem) Here it's simple, one ... the answer is one. The real beauty of this sandwich is that its open to all kinds of modifications. You could swap the salmon for tuna or shrimp (or dare I say, tempura shrimp) or just do away with the fish all together and throw in some avocado and carrots. Just choose your favorite kind of sushi and turn it into a sandwich.

Visit The Vulgar Chef for an explanation on how to make it

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