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This Is The Ultimate 360 Degrees Picture Of Montreal

And how you can do the same with your phone.
This Is The Ultimate 360 Degrees Picture Of Montreal

Montreal, with its vast amount of cultural and nightlife activity, is almost a world in itself. Thanks to these photos courtesy of this redditor, that statement has never been more true.

Taken atop Mount Royal's lookout, the city is made spherical and transformed into a celestial globe. The contrast between the city's skyline and the Chalet du Mont Royal is in the circular photo is really quite spectacular.

How does one accomplish such a photographic feat? Easy, there's an app for that. No, seriously. "Tiny Planet" is an iPhone and Android app that turns your regular 2d photos into spheres, creating an awesome visual effect. Download it and take your own planet-pics of Montreal here (iPhone) and here (Android).

How cool are these pics?

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