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This Is The Ultimate Student Guide To Summer Life In The City

Enjoy the city to its fullest.
This Is The Ultimate Student Guide To Summer Life In The City

Photo cred - Sylvain Granier

If you came to Montreal from out of town, or even if you grew up here, living in the city as a student or young professional can get a little bit intimidating. That's why Allô Montréal is here for you, and it's entirely free.

Simply put, Allô Montréal is an indispensable guidebook for living as a young person in Montréal. It's written by a group of former Montreal university students who want to use their insider knowledge to help you have as much fun as they did. They even include some of your favorite MTL Blog "Best Ofs," so you know you'll be getting the finest the city has to offer at zero charge.

Whether it's food, nightlife, or just general Montréal life advice you're looking for, Allô Montréal has the inside scoop you need.

If you're hungry, they'll let you know about the best grocery stores in town, as well as the best restaurants for student budgets and lifestyles. Of course, if it's a 3 am drunk kind of hunger you're feeling, they've got you covered for that as well.

You'll probably want to do some drinking before you even think about late-night eating, and Allô Montréal will tell you about the coolest spots in the city. Regardless of whether you're hoping to throw down at a club, or just chill at a bar, they'll make sure you know the best spots to let loose.

As much as you love partying, being a student does entail, well, studying, and Allô Montréal will help you keep up to date on all of the best cafés and other places for you to hit the books.

Best of all, this invaluable resource is free! Just keep an eye out near metro stations, in shopping malls, and around other popular student destinations to find one of Allô Montréal's friendly staff handing out their awesome guidebooks. You won't want to live here without it!

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