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This Is The Ultimate Montreal Summer On A Budget

All the things you'll do for fun underneath the sun.
This Is The Ultimate Montreal Summer On A Budget

Photo cred - Peacock Parade

Not everything fun costs money, but when it comes to summer in Montreal, it really pays to have a paying job, because some of the best parts of the season cost a few pretty pennies.

Obviously you don't want to work more than you have to, because you should be out and having fun, not toiling away. To help you maximize your summer fun, we've broken down the essentials, and exactly how many hours you'll need to work to pay for it all.

Below you'll find the prices of Montreal's seasonal must-haves, otherwise known as the Ultimate Summer Budget

  • Osheaga: $250 - You know you wanna see every single headliner
  • Piknic Pass: $100 - Pays for itself in seven visits, and you know you'll be there every Sunday
  • Just For Laughs: $60 - Go for a couple of JFL shows or a headliner
  • Jazz Fest: $50 - Free shows are for punks, and no-thanks to the $100+ headliners
  • BIXI Pass: $82.50 - Exercise while you get around
  • Road Trip: $150 - There are just too many cool campgrounds, festivals, and waterparks around Montreal to pass up
  • La Ronde: $44 - Just for a day, because once is enough
  • Summer Apparel: $200 - Sun dresses and muscle shirts are necessary for the season
  • Tam-Tams Goods: $75 - You gotta bring some munchies
  • Sidewalk Sales: $50 - For food, fashion, or any walk-by buys at Montreal's many pedestrian malls
  • Drinking money: $600 - Let's be real, it's gonna be a long summer, and this is only $50 a week
  • Food funds: $320 - For impromptu food truck purchases, 'cuz eating at home can get bland

Total:  $1981.5

So, worst (and most likely) case scenario, you'll be working a minimum wage job, meaning you'll be making a mean $10.35 an hour. Divide that by your total summer budget and you'll know how many hours you'll need to spend flipping burgers, waiting tables, or whatever you might be doing over the summer. Sorry, school is out, we'll do it for you.

$1981.5  ÷ $10.35/hr = 191.5 hours

There you have it. In order to have enough money for all the fun stuff in Montreal, you'll need to work 191.5 hours at your minimum wage job, which equates to about a month and a half of working full time (40 hours a week). Hopefully you have a better paying job, some birthday cash coming your way, or something else to save you. Otherwise, get working so you can party all summer long.

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