This Is The World's First-Ever Electronic Joint

Cannabis just got technological.
This Is The World's First-Ever Electronic Joint

The e-cigarette craze has officially breached cannabis culture with the invention of the very first electronic joint. Dubbed the E-Njoint, the not-quite-a-joint is a world first, but lacks the special ingredient we all love in our weed: THC.

Much like how e-cigs contain no tobacco, the E-Njoint is supposed to have zero amounts of THC, nor tobacco or nicotine. The fact that the e-joint won't give you any THC, and therefore won't get you high, then begs the question: why the hell would you smoke it?

Again, like e-cigs, the main draw behind the e-joint is probably just to look cool and smoke something weed-related indoors. Built to look like a joint, the e-joint even sports a light up green cannabis lead on the end which illuminates with every puff. Cheesy? Yes, it is.

Now available in six flavours (e.g. watermelon, passion fruit, green apple) the e-joint does have one major redeemable feature: it can be filled with your own cannabis liquid content. You'll have to take out that silly non-THC-filled liquid, and also somehow get your hands on either hash oil or your own weed oil, but at least the E-Njoint can still get you stoned.

10, 000 e-joints are being made on the daily in China, according to DailyMail, so there is a market for the techno-joint. Given how Montreal took to e-cigs, we wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing people blowing smoke out of E-Njoints as early as next week.

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