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This Is The World's Largest Treehouse

A massive house in the sky!
This Is The World's Largest Treehouse

There's some seriously amazing tree houses all over Canada and even in Quebec as well! They're a super unique way to explore the amazing nature in our country, most of them are even set up as hotels so you can spend the night sleeping among the trees! 

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But this tree house beats all other tree houses because it was recently dubbed the largest tree house in the entire world!! 

via @barefootbrittany

It's located in Crossville, Tennessee and was built by Horace Burgess without a blueprint from a vision that he states that God sent him personally. 

The massiveMinister's Tree House is 10,000 square feet, is supported by 6 huge oak trees, more than 250,000 nails and took 14 years to complete! 

It's a seriously impressive space with a penthouse on the 10th floor, a large open space in the centre devoted to prayer and basketball games, as well as a huge church bell. 

via @thesinglewoman

via @esoteric_elements

If you're looking to add one of the coolest places in the entire world to your bucket list, this should definitely be it! 

Although it may say on some sites that the location has permanently closed due to the fire departments doubts on it's safety, visitors have still been updating the Instagram page with photos as of yesterday, so hopefully no such closure has occurred yet! 

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