This Is "Tinder" For Dogs

Man’s best friend is looking for love.
This Is "Tinder" For Dogs

Photo cred - Harvey Newton-Haydon

Watching BT Television at the crack of dawn, as one does, we came across some awesome innovation coming out of Montreal.

You've heard of Tinder before, right? The quick and easy dating app that helps match young singles together one swipe at a time?  Well, if you do use Tinder and you live in the Montreal area, you may have noticed a few new bitches in town. By bitches, I mean actual female dogs. Tinderoption is a new initiative started by local non-profit organization Rosie Animal Adoption with the aim to get singles looking for love a chance at true happiness. Quebec has got one of the worst reputations when it comes to animal abandonment, so this effort to get more people adopting is pretty genius. Instead of finding Mr. Right and going on a string of awkward and uncomfortable dates, Tinderoption is a great way to finally get that companionship you’ve so longed for, without the regret in the morning.

How does it work? The good people over at Rosie Animal Adoption have all created profiles, but instead of humans, they’ve posted a selection of cute, furry friends in need of adoption (not that kind of furry friend perv). So instead of superficially swiping through pics of people you may or may not want to ever see again, the Tinder app matches you with a dog that desperately needs a home.

There’s no official response from Tinder regarding this animal takeover of their extremely popular app as of yet, but who does it really hurt? Everything is online nowadays anyway; pet adoption might as well be too.


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