This Is What $2,000,000 Buys You In Montreal

Like, wow!
This Is What $2,000,000 Buys You In Montreal

Photo cred - Sotheby's

Last week we posted about a Montreal bathroom with a million dollar view and we asked for your help. We didn't know if it was real or Photoshopped, what part of Montreal it was overlooking or where it was located. Luckily we have some of the world's most dedicated fans because in just a couple of days we got our answer.

One of our readers named Francois Côté, went through the trouble of identifying the buildings and figuring out where in the city you'd be able to see this view from. This is what he came up with:

Francois highlighted in green the 3 possible buildings where this apartment could be located and we later got confirmation that he was absolutely spot on.

Another MTL Blog reader named Ramzi Zehani confirmed the findings by actually tracking down the Sotheby's real estate listing. And it turns out the rest of the apartment is pretty awesome as well.

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