This Is What 24 Hours In Montreal Looks Like

If you had but one day in the city.
This Is What 24 Hours In Montreal Looks Like

Photo cred - Jonathan Clark

On any given day of the year, there is tons to do in Montreal. So much that you couldn't hope to experience the full breadth of what the city has to offer in a single day. 24 hours simply isn't enough to experience Montreal, unless, and this is a big maybe, you had a streamlined itinerary and some inside info on things to do. Tourisme Montreal is catering to all folks taking a quick trip to Montreal with their 24 Hours in Montreal infographic, which plans out a day's worth of activities fit for any traveler.

From arrival to departure, this infographic takes care of you. Ways from the airport into the city, places to stay at, restaurants to eat at before and after you're hungover, and nightlife destinations are all outlined, with a bunch of options offered depending on the traveler. In a mere twenty-four hours, the infograhic outlines an itinerary that is like a quick shot of Montreal, hardly as full-bodied as the entire bottle that is the city, but a plentiful taste nonetheless.

Compare how you would advise a random visitor to Montreal to spend a day in the city with Tourisme Montreal's suggestions by checking out the infographic below, designed by Alexander Dunphy.

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