This Is What A $3,000,000 Apartment Looks Like In Montreal

What dreams are actually made of.
This Is What A $3,000,000 Apartment Looks Like In Montreal

Photo cred - sothebysrealty

Here at MTL Blog we love house porn. But we don't feature much apartment porn, mostly because they don't tend to have many unique features. But I've never seen so much luxury packed into 2,700 square feet. This apartment located on de la Montagne has incredible panoramic views of downtown Montreal which are enhanced by the walls of windows that surround the place.

The professional kitchen would make any chef proud and the entrance looks like the lobby of a 5 star hotel. The bathroom looks cleaner than my kitchen and you could pay for a year's worth of college tuition with just 2 of those granite floor tiles. This place also has mahogany cabinets, a cocktail reception room, a grand piano, a home theater/fireplace combo, 2 private terraces as well as a rooftop jacuzzi.

The office looks like it was stolen out of the royal suite of a cruise ship and the bedroom, in addition to be being insanely luxurious, has an awesome maze-like pattern hat you can fill in with a magic market when you're bored. Who cares? you're rich! I feel poorer just looking at this place.

Click here for the Sotheby's listing.

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