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This Is What Canadians Hate The Most About Winter, According To New Poll

And it's not at all surprising.
This Is What Canadians Hate The Most About Winter, According To New Poll, an online platform for booking flights and travel packages, conducted a survey to see if there was a link between snow days and people booking sun vacations.

They did find that people were more likely to look at vacation packages on snow days, but more interestingly, the survey revealed what Canadians hate the most about winter.

TL;DR polled Canadians to see what they hated the most about winter and the results aren't suprising in the slightest.

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The survey polled close to 2 000 Canadians, distributed evenly accross age groups. It asked Canadians what they hate the most about winter.

When asked an open-ended question about their least favourite aspect of winter, most people answered the cold temperatures, followed by shovelling.

Montreal series day 5/6 Montreal is a vibrant and lively city no matter what the weather. As you can see in the last photo, a little snow doesn't stop Montrealers... especially the little ones.

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When given 7 choices to pick from, people actually chose "driving in the cold," which , though a pretty solid answer, is definitely not the worst part about winter in Montreal. The second top answer was "scraping your windshield," which does indeed suck. 

The early darkness was also a popular choice, which is to be expected.

The survey also asked people how they felt about "snow days": the majority (54%) feel that they are a good thing, citing safety and getting people off the roads as reasons.

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Personally, my least favourite thing about winter is how dark it gets, which is why I'm feeling pretty good about the slowly elongating days.

Repeat after me: only two more weeks 'til spring, only two more weeks 'til spring... 

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