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A Look Inside Drake's New Super Ugly $7,000,000 Mansion In Canada (Photos)

You won't believe how many themed rooms there are.
A Look Inside Drake's New Super Ugly $7,000,000 Mansion In Canada (Photos)

Lately a lot of Canadian celebrities have been making their way home after moving to the States for stardom. An example would be Justin Bieber, who recently bought a mansion in Ontario presumably for him and his bride Hailey Baldwin to settle down together.

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TL;DR Drake's Toronto home has been in the works since 2016 and he has finally shared a few photos of the enormous mansion. The home boasts saunas, bars, award rooms and much more. The house designer has also shared a video of the work in progress further proving this place is the size of a massive hotel.

Also on the list of famous Canadians coming home is Drake. He's actually in the process of building his Toronto mansion and needless to say, it's ginormous. 

It's no secret that the Toronto-native is super rich, but it's pretty shocking to hear that the new house (which started its construction back in 2016) not only boasts a huge NBA-size basketball court, but also a spa with a sauna, jersey museum, and an entire room dedicated to his awards.

Seriously, the basement alone will include two saunas, a massage room, a pool with a hot tub included, and a snack lounge suspended above his giant basketball court! 

Although Drake's been super secretive about showing off the interior of his dream house, he did release a few photos of it under construction on his Instagram story this past week. Take a look for yourself at how insanely enormous this place is! 

Via @champagnepapi

Via @champagnepapi

Via @champagnepapi

Via @champagnepapi

Apparently the house (if we can even call it that) will also be adding a wine and champagne bar, home theatre, a rooftop terrace that offers house guests another hot tub to soak their feet in, and another swimming pool surrounded by giant projection screens. 

The extremely talented designer of the mansion, Ferris Rafauli, also shared a video of his project on Instagram.

@ferrisrafauliembedded via  

Who else is now unbelievably jealous? A house like this is definitely more comparable to a giant five-star hotel, so it'll be pretty interesting to see what Drake does with it once construction is completed.

We can only hope he'll be sharing more photos of the incredible interior on his Instagram story soon.


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