This Is What Happens When A Montreal Punk Rocker Makes A Rap Video

'Don’t stop running until you hit the finish.'

One of the awesome things about music is its ability to not only move, but also transform all that comes into contact with it. Sure, you might have your favourite genre, but music is fluid and, like people, it's influenced by its surroundings, the environments in which it grows and evolves.

And Montreal is the perfect example of this. A restless breeding ground for talent, and passion, and above all else, hustle. It's a special kind of city where artists seem to endlessly push themselves, find their voice, and in the process, finding themselves in places they never thought they'd be.

Which is kind of the best part of our music scene here. Like Montreal itself, we understand that music isn't just one thing or the other. It can't be. The sounds produced here have to reflect the changing nature of our lives, because if there is one thing that's a constant in this town, it's transition.

Born and raised in Montreal, no artist understands this kind of musical metamorphosis better than Alex Gilardino, aka Maniks, who got his start in the underground hardcore punk scene, and is now making a serious stab at the rap and hip hop game.

With help from Montreal's Makeway Studios, Maniks has been quickly coming up, composing his own lyrics, performing shows, and just recently releasing his first rap album - Unleashed

The very first single off that album, called "You Know Me Well", has already racked up close to 50,000 views on YouTube, and showcases his gritty lyrical flow with various Montreal landmarks as the backdrop.

No doubt, the transition from punk to rap hasn't been easy, but like anything worth doing, it's the challenge that separates the best from the rest. Maniks is proving he is more than just a gimmick, so "make way for the young ones coming through".

Learn more about this Montreal artist on Maniks' website, Facebook Page, and Instagram.

Photo cred - Etienne De Durocher