There Are Thousands Of Cannibals In Montreal

You may be one and don't even know it yet.
There Are Thousands Of Cannibals In Montreal

Hot dogs have gotten some pretty bad press lately. Last week, the World Health Organization let the world know that hot dogs cause cancer, meaning the iconic Montreal food known as the "steamie" (a steamed hot dog with mustard, cabbage, and onions) do too. Lets be honest though, it's not like this made anyone stop eating steamies, but this new report might make you turn away from the dog entirely.

Clear Labs, an agency that analyzes foods on a molecular level, recently released "The Hot Dog Report," an in-depth study by on what is exactly inside a hot dog, released by their Clear Foods division.

After analyzing 345 hot dogs from 75 brands and purchased at 10 different stores, the organization found problems with 14.4% of all dogs. "Problems" were defined as ingredient substitutions unlisted on packages and hygienic issues where contaminants were present in the hot dog.

But here's the kicker: human DNA was found in 2% of all the hot dog samples tested. Yup, super gross. So when you take a bit out of a hot dog/steamie, you might be enjoying a morsel of human you didn't sign up for. And if you're one of the thousands of Montrealers who are unfortunate enough to have landed on one of those delicious DNA-Dogs, then you're technically a cannibal.

Vegetarians, you aren't safe either. Veggie dogs were even more likely to have human DNA present. Four out of the six hot dog samples where human DNA was present were veggie dogs.

In total, 67% of all hygienic issues documented in the Clear Labs report were from vegetarian products.  10% of all veggie products tested contained meat.Veggie dog labels even fibbed on their protein levels, with some products saying they contained more than double the amount of protein that was actually present.