This Is What Justin Trudeau's CV Would Look Like

Special Skills: Photobombing weddings without a shirt.
This Is What Justin Trudeau's CV Would Look Like

To some people, Justin Trudeau seemed destined to become Prime Minister.

He is after all the son of a former Prime Minister, he has a talent for public speaking and he certainly photographs well.

But then again, if that alone qualified you to be Prime Minister then we could have just as easily been stuck with Ben Mulroney.

Luckily though, Justin rules the country and Ben Mulroney is stuck working at e-talk.

So what is it that makes him perfect Prime Minister material? What would his CV look like if he were to apply for a job?

We decided to find out. Here's what Justin Trudeau's CV would look like.

It's fair to day that this CV, especially the work experience part is a little all over the place.

But compare this to his father. Sure he was a lawyer,  he studied, practiced and taught law in Montreal until he was asked to run for a party seat. But that's it, and yet no one questioned his qualifications.

On the other hand, Justin worked and studied all over the country. He lived in different places, he met and got to know different people from different parts of Canada and so far as Prime Minister he's been doing a pretty good job.

Oh and that thing about photobombing wedding without a shirt. That actually happened:

#Trudeau moves out of the way for a bride coming onto the beach to be married.

— Marnie Recker Photo (@marnierecker) August 6, 2016

So, would you hire him?

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