This Is What Montreal Looked Like In 1947

So many boroughs that don't exist anymore.
This Is What Montreal Looked Like In 1947

Montreal has had several issues with separation and mergers throughout its history. Dividing up the territory in this city is no easy task. Each "town" has its own history and even though some borough are near each other, they sometimes have nothing common.

It's amazing to see how much things can change in 60 years. Even the classification has changed, boroughs used to be known as "wards" which seems fitting considering all the insanity that takes place here on regular basis. Might as well call the "psych wards" and get it over with.

But either way you look at it, wards sounds way better than boroughs.Wards makes us sound official, boroughs makes us sound like a bunch of badgers.

Okay, enough dwelling on insignificant details, check out how Montreal used to be divided in 1947.

Photo cred - M3k4nism

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