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This Is What Montreal's Downtown May End Up Looking Like

Injecting a fresh new feel into the city.
This Is What Montreal's Downtown May End Up Looking Like

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Downtown Montreal will be getting a makeover, as the City of Montreal plans to redesign the area surrounding Champ-de-Mars metro and city hall, appropriately dubbed "Secteur Champ-de-Mars." Better yet, the City of Montreal wants your help in deciding the new design, with some very cool options offered.

Until October 8th, any and all Montrealers can head to and take a look at the 19 possible plans, all of which have been taken from past design competitions.

Among the ideas are a mini urban fairground (above), a landscaped public park, a green space with connecting monuments, a multipurpose urban garden, a promenade along the highway, and a public garden outfitted with trees, ponds, and various plants, to name a few/the ones we thought were coolest. All of the aforementioned designs are pictured below, in that order.

See all of the designs and vote for your favourite at the Secteur Champ-de-Mars webpage.

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