This Is What Montreal's New Parking Signs Could Look Like

Parking made easy.
This Is What Montreal's New Parking Signs Could Look Like

Unless you enjoy the infinite amount of contradictory panels showing random times and arrows, you probably don't need us telling you how much of a bitch parking in this city can be. But there just might be some salvation coming to a street near you soon, Montreal.

In the citaay of LA, a new system of parking signs is being tested that should make things a whole lot easier to leave your car somewhere for a determined amount of time, and the Projet Montréal adviser in Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie wants to see it here sooner before later.

This innovative (read: how did no one think of this before) panel would simplify the process by colour-coding the appropriate parking spots. Green means good - Red means bad. Easy enough, saving you valuable time and countless arguments debating whether or not you're getting a costly parking ticket on that particular day.

At least in theory... Knowing Montreal, our version of these easy-to-read signs would somehow be more confusing just to mess with us. Then again, with all the construction work invading the streets, it's not like there's really parking anyway.


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