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This Is What Notre-Dame Cathedral Looks Like After The Fire (Photos)

Many artifacts also managed to survive.
This Is What Notre-Dame Cathedral Looks Like After The Fire (Photos)

Nearly the whole world watched in horror yesterday as Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris was engulfed in flames. Video footage seen in this article shows the moment when the steeple was finally overtaken by the fire and came falling down.

By now, it's nearly 3 PM in Paris and luckily the fire has finally been quelled, but without the flames to distract it is now clear how much damage the fire managed to do. 

Take a look below at some photos taken this morning in Paris that show not only the damage... but also the miraculous artifacts that managed to survive the fire. 

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TL;DR The horrific fire yesterday at Paris' Notre-Dame Cathedral has finally been put out, and photos have started to surface of the damage done. Even more impressive is what has managed to survive. 

The photo above shows just how vicious the fire was yesterday, taking much of the wooden framework of the church, the roof and the steeple up with it.

Below are photos of what the cathedral looks like today.

At this point, most news sources are still chalking up the fire to an "accident." Thought what caused the initial spark, accidental or not, has still not been shared with the public.

In these photos, you can see the steeple is now completely gone and much of the roof has been damaged or has caved in entirely. 

The video above shows emergency teams still present on the scene in the early morning hours.

What is even more impressive is what has managed to survive the insane fire. Seen below is much of the altar, still entirely intact

Also still standing is the Virgin of Paris, noted above as carved in 1300 and still intact despite the fire that raged on around it yesterday.

The tweet below also notes that all three of Notre Dame's Rose Windows managed to survive the fire, as well.

The fire teams clearly worked quickly and effectively and for that, they should be commended. I can't imagine what it must have felt like to be in Paris yesterday, let alone to be responsible for trying to manage a fire of that size on a building of that importance. 

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Our hearts go out to the French today as they mourn such a cultural and historical monument. 

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