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This Is What The Montreal Metro System Actually Looks Like In Real Life

Know your metro.
This Is What The Montreal Metro System Actually Looks Like In Real Life

A metro map that isn't to scale, like Montreal's, can be a little deceptive and tricky, especially for those unfamiliar with the geography of the stations. To look at the existing map of Montreal's metro system, Peel and McGill stations look as far apart as Joliette to Pie-IX, which definitely isn't the case.

For a better understanding on the distance between stations, and the twist and bends of the different metro lines, check out this incredibly detailed map of Montreal's metro system, courtesy of CartoMetro. Kudos goes to this reddit thread who originally posted the map and source.

You can check out the detailed metro map as a PDF, or head to the main page which also provides a breakdown of each and every metro station. Whatever you choose, hopefully the map will shed some light and provide answers to your metro-questions. Or if you have none, the map is cool to just compare to the original metro map, which looks more sleek but gives way less info to riders.

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