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What The Montreal Metro System Could Look Like In 40 Years

Remember how excited everyone got when the STM + Quebec government announced an extension of the Blue Line, all the way to Anjou? Then, of course, there was the following depressed-state when the duo said the project would be done in the early 2020s, which in Montreal-construction-speak means "when it's done it's done so quit asking."

We may have to wait a while to ride a new part of the metro system, but that doesn't stop us from imagining what the new system will look like. One Montreal redditor (WilliamGamache) posted a hypothetical reconception of Montreal's metro system, with the Blue Line extension included, along with some other beneficial changes.

One look at the map and you probably noticed how the Orange Line has become a giant loop, extending the final two stations northward and joining them together. The green line remains untouched, but the Yellow Line gains a solid six metro station additions, an extension already in the works. Those in the West Island don't get a Red Line in this metro map, though this is only a potential plan, not the real thing, so don't get in a huff.

With all of these additions to the metro system (if they ever happen) it would take a lot longer than a decade, as is the Blue Line's current end-date. Throwing in the Yellow and Orange Line additions, and we're looking at an easy 40ish years to get it all done...or never. Which might be a good thing, especially if you aren't a fan with this map at all. Be sure to let us know your own ideas in the comments below.

What do you think of this metro map?


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