This Is What The New STM Buses In Montreal Will Look Like

The largest order for electric buses in Canada!
This Is What The New STM Buses In Montreal Will Look Like

It has come to our attention that bus ridership on the STM has significantly declined over the past years. This is not surprising to those that regularly take public transit.

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As a result, the STM is putting in place several initiatives to regain the attention, trust, and hopefully the public's businesses when it comes to riding the bus in Montreal.

One of the most important projects for the STM is the development and reimagining of the buses themselves. 

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The STM has recently announced that in the year 2020, Montrealers and residents of Laval will be able to look forward to travelling on 100% electric buses.

The STM has ordered 40 buses that are 100% electric from a company called New Flyer Industries Canada.  

Thanks to funding from the government of Quebec, this company has been commissioned to manufacture buses for the STM.

To date,this is the largest firm order for electric buses in Canada. In other words, the STM has just made Canadian history!

New Flyer Industries Canada has released a "sneak peek" photo of what the STM buses are going to look like. Pretty sleek!

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To see the official STM announcement on the acquisition of electric buses, click HERE

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