This Is What You Need To Do The Next Time You're At Quartier DIX30

It's a place that is more than meets the eye.

When we think Quartier DIX30, we think shopping and steak dinner. Amiright? Well it's not just that anymore – at least not for me...

Escape rooms have been popping up around the city for some time now and you've probably tried at least one as they're becoming very popular - who doesn't like a good challenge?! But I'm sure you haven't tried an escape room like this one before.

I've found the gem of all escape rooms, the one you want to try over and over with every different group of friends you have, and it just so happens to be right in the middle of the best leisure, restaurant and shopping center around: it’s called Breakout.

Here’s why you need to go to Breakout the next time you're in Quartier DIX30:

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You are taken on a journey...

When you get to Breakout DIX30, you start by picking your room from their selection of (srsly) epic themes... Each room is completely unique, and whether you choose to be part of a group of rebels traveling through a train yard, a detective trying to find a mad magician or a survivor of the apocalypse returning to Earth, you're sure to be off on an adventure you won't forget.

Not only do some game rooms have more than one room, requiring you to make your way through intricate contraptions to move forward, but as you make your way from one clue to the next, you also find checkpoints, which let you know you’re in the right direction, and how close you are to solving the mystery. You're never stuck in a room with a bunch of keys and locks that don't make sense or have no meaning. Everything has a purpose. This is something that a lot of other escape rooms don't offer!

What's even better: the rooms are private (for you and your friends only) and carefully designed to make you feel like you're in a different world. The technology involved and the room decor feels expensive and breeds a new category of premium escape rooms.

In other words:

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You have special abilities...

The coolest part of Breakout for me was being able to pick a character. (Breakout is the only escape game in the world to have characters!) This makes the game a million times more fun... Allow me to explain:

There are 8 characters to choose from as shown in the chart above, and each one is suitable for different types of personalities. So if you’re in a group (you can be 2 - 8 people, though if you want a higher chance to beat the game, I highly recommend at least 4!) each person has their own advantage, giving you a way better shot to break out before the clock runs out.

For example, I chose to be the Oracle (this is a fun one if you have a good memory!). So before the game began, I got to look through a photo album and was told that details as well as the order of the photos were the most important things to remember.

The challenge: I hadn't even heard the story behind my theme yet, so I had no idea what the objects meant, or in some cases, what they even were!

The advantage: what I did see came to be extremely handy during the course of the game. I truly felt like an Oracle, because I didn’t remember what I’d seen in the photo album until I saw it again in person, and then it all made sense!

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You leave with your jaw on the ground...

Here's a fun insider tip: If you want more time in the game, you can double your Timebender and you get to add 10 additional minutes! It's pretty awesome.

The rooms are also extremely well-maintained and super clean! Oh, and I must say… weird things happen in there. Like when you have succeeded at unlocking a little treasure box, you find a photo of yourself from just minutes ago...

Other perks include free parking on site (no need to spend an hour looking for a spot) andpay per person (not per room). That means that you only pay for the players you bring (other places make you pay a large flat fee to have the whole room to yourself, or worse, pair you with strangers). Oh and did I mention that the game lasts 55 minutes if you choose the right character? You really get a bang for your buck!

They are also launching TWO NEW ROOMS by summer 2017 and one of them is actually the continuation of the one I went to: Chamber of Hocus. Trust me, you want to try all of them. Find out more about the rooms here.

For more details, such as price, opening hours and locations, check out their website and Facebook page. You can also make a reservation online or by calling (450) 926-0006!