This Is When Spring Will Finally Arrive In Quebec

It's actually getting kind of ridiculous.
This Is When Spring Will Finally Arrive In Quebec

We may almost be halfway through the month of April, but the weather sure doesn't seem to be aware of that. 

Quebec's weather has been particularly annoying in the last few weeks. Every time we think winter has finally ended, the snow flurries make a comeback. It's actually getting kind of ridiculous.

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We've all been very patient, but now I think it's time for Spring to actually begin. So when is this mess of cold weather and snow finally coming to end? 

We have you answer right here: April 20th.

Yes, in only 10 short days it will actually start to feel like spring in the province of Quebec. 

We checked theOld Farmer's Almanac, The Weather Network and even Accuweather's extended forecasts for Montreal and Quebec and according to all three, temperatures will remain above 10°C and there is absolutely no more snow headed our way after April 20th. 

After that's it's all sunshine lollipops and rainbows! 

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