This Is When The Montreal Heatwave Will Finally End

The end is near.
This Is When The Montreal Heatwave Will Finally End

This past Canada Day Weekend was full of activities, events, music, food, and celebrations. It was also full of tropical heat waves and an unbearable humidity. 

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Seriously, within the 20 minutes I actually went outside this weekend I've tanned 3 shades darker. Although many Montrealers went out despite the weather, many of us cranked up the air conditioning and huddled indoors to avoid melting. 

The temperature this Weekend went up to 48 degrees at it's highest, leaving many at risk to heat exhaustion while outside enjoying the festivities. It seems like this weather will never end, Montreal will eternally feel like a Caribbean island on crack. 

Well, fear not Montreal, the end to this horrible, terrible weather is closer than you think.

This Thursday the city is expected to thunderstorm, which is great, since this is going to break the seemingly-endless heat we were having. 

And guess what? This Friday is only going to be 26 degrees! Finally! We can venture outdoors without fear of instantly melting. 

Via The Weather Network

The rest of the week is also only going to be in the mid to high 20s, which all things considered is going to feel like absolute paradise. 

So make some plans, go outside and take advantage of this more reasonable weather before another heat wave arrives! 

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