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This Is Where The First Recreational Marijuana Store In Montreal Will Be

The government has also hinted at other possible locations.
This Is Where The First Recreational Marijuana Store In Montreal Will Be

News is constantly breaking about the emerging marijuana industry in Canada. The impending October 17th deadline for legalization has forced provinces and municipalities to move swiftly to insitute regulations and build infrastructure to house dispensaries.

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This morning, officials released a look at the very first recreational marijuana store in Canada. Now, we can confirm the first location for a marijuana retail store in Montreal.

The Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC), the sister agency of the SAQ charged with marijuana distribution, announced that the first Montreal branch will be in the neighbourhood of Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie. A more specific address will remain undisclosed until officials can finalize a lease and put security measures in place.

But perhaps the biggest news from this announcement is the hint at other possible branch locations in the city. According to the Montreal Gazette, other SQDC stores will be located in the East End, south west, and downtown.

This information is both exciting and troubling. These will likely be the only four locations in the entire city. With a potential customer base numbering in the tens of thousands, the Montreal branches will be unable to adequately service their market. Moreover, the select locations are highly inconvenient for customers in the Plateau and West Island. Though information about other locations on the island, like Westmount, TMR, and the West Island, have not yet been released.

But with only twenty stores opening across the province, the SQDC will have trouble meeting the high demand expected. Marijuana users will have to travel great distances in order to purchase product.

Stay tuned for more breaking news about the cannabis industry.

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