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This Is Where You Can Go On The Most Classic Summer Date In Montreal

So cute it hurts.
This Is Where You Can Go On The Most Classic Summer Date In Montreal

There's something inherently romantic about water. I think this phenomenon crosses culture and time.

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Think of the iconic Disney romance scene in The Little Mermaid when she goes sunset rowboat ride with her prince charming and they kiss for the first time. Well, almost kiss.

Or the epic kissing scene in ultimate chick flick "The Notebook" where a rain-drenched Rachel McAdams runs towards Ryan Gosling's character Noah Jr and she jumps onto him and wraps her legs around him for the most swoon-worthy Hollywood kiss. 

It's an unarguable fact, water is sexy and romantic.  That's why any kind of boat ride or waterside picnic makes for a great special date idea. Boys take notes.

It's a great thing, then, that we live on an island. There is no shortage of water-based activities to participate in.  

One that stands out in particular and makes for a great NYC-like date is going for a paddle boat ride in the Lachine Canal.

H20 Adventures on the Lachine Canal is the spot to rent boats! You don't need to pay a ridiculous fee to rent them all day either.

They will rent you a swan pedal boat for only 30 minutes.  Which honestly, is the perfect length of time, a great way to kick-off or end a date.

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And if a pedal boat is a tad too cheesy for your taste, fear not! They also rent kayaks, electric boats, and canoes!  Hint: take your date out at sunset for bonus points.

30 Minutes on a pedal boat will run you a cool 20$. And a full hour only $25.

H20 Adventure's boats are docked at a super central location a few blocks south of the Atwater Market in St-Henri.

For more information check out their official site HERE and instagram HERE!

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