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This Is Why There's Been So Many Massive Fires In Quebec This Summer

There's more reasons than you think.
This Is Why There's Been So Many Massive Fires In Quebec This Summer

Since the Summer began, your newsfeed has probably been invaded by fire warnings not only in the city, but all across Quebec. If you haven't seen one of these fires yourself, you've definitely seen the intense photos surfacing all over the internet. From houses to cars to uncontrollable forest fires, it seems to be taking over the province.

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Not only that, but there's a massive fire ban all across Eastern Canada right now. You're not even allowed to bring matches with you if you're going anywhere near a Provincial or National park, it really is that bad.

As of the beginning of July, there were over 60 fires burning in Quebec, and that's not including the numerous fires that have happened in buildings, homes and cars in Montreal this month. Last week alone there were four fires in 24 hours right in downtown Montreal! This can't just be a coincidence.

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At this point some of us may be wondering how, or even why, are there so many fires in Quebec? Was it one incident that just keeps spreading? Or is there a way to prevent further fires and we just aren't taking the precaution?

Well, there are a few reasons that are known for sure are at fault for starting all of these dangerous disasters.

Probably the most common reason, and most obvious, is that it's dry season right now. Both Quebec and surrounding provinces are experiencing one of the driest seasons in years, and the intense Summer heatwave we're having isn't helping. Because of how dry forest floors and debris are right now, it is incredibly easy to accidentally cause a fire.

Simply flicking a cigarette into a dry bunch of grass could start a massive, destructive forest fire. This is a more common cause in the Provincial and National parks, due to the congestion of all the dead trees. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to have an epic bonfire this Summer, now really isn't the time.

Another looming danger that is a potential instigator for even more fires is, ironically, thunderstorms. You may be thinking that rain is a God-sent for all of the fires happening right now, but you'd be wrong. Because of how dry everything is, the lightening that accompanies massive thunderstorms will just increase the chances of a spark igniting. And just our luck, there are quite a few thunderstorms in the forecast for the rest of the week.

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Both of these explanations are plausible for Northern Quebec and even the outskirts of Montreal, but what about all of the fires downtown as of recently? The chances of a cigarette or lightening strike causing an entire building to catch on fire seems super unlikely. That's because it is, which is why police have another answer to why they think the fires keep coming.

The reason being, unfortunately, arson. It's honestly sad to think someone would start a fire with the idea of endangering others in mind, but it's a cruel reality. As of right now there's an actual arsonist running loose in Montreal after setting four cars on fire this morning. Making the fear of the fires becoming deadly much more real.

Luckily Montreal police seem to be on top of things and are all over the city keeping an eye out for any emerging flames. As for the natural causes of the fires, the dry season is going to end in a few weeks and then things will hopefully go back to being safe in Quebec. As for now, you may want to avoid bringing flammables on any outdoor outings you have.

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