This Is Why Your iPhone Keeps Dying Since Your Last Update

Luckily, there is a way to fix it!
This Is Why Your iPhone Keeps Dying Since Your Last Update

A week ago Apple released its latest software update, iOS 11. And with any update from Apple, there have been a few reported glitches or user-related problems. 

But one thing has made iPhone users angrier than anything else: how much iOS 11 drains a phone’s battery. 

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Tons of people have vented their frustrations on Twitter, complaining of the nonexistent battery life the new OS update causes. 

Not that they’re wrong to complain, because these battery-life issues are real. 

Wandera, a global mobile security provider, compared the battery usage between iOS 11 and 10. The findings weren’t exactly uplifting. 

It took 240 minutes (4 hours) for a fully-charged iPhone to deplete to zero on iOS 10, whereas it took 96 minutes (a little over an 1.5 hours) for the new iOS 11 to do the same. 

Not that these findings are definitive, because we’re not exactly sure what the study’s researchers were doing on their phones to deplete the battery life. 

Still, there are some fairly solid reasons why, right now, iOS 11 is draining your batter faster than you’d like. 

For one thing, battery issues with a new update are pretty par for the course. That can be because the update is designed for the latest iPhone model, making it more of stress on older iPhones. It’s a clever ploy to always-be-upgrading we all know Apple employs. 

Secondly, most apps haven’t been updated for iOS 11 yet. Once they are, the amount of energy they use will likely level off. 

An iPhone also has to sort through its own data after a new update, creating further battery drainage. 

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