This Is Why Your Phone Dies So Fast During The Winter

You are not alone.
This Is Why Your Phone Dies So Fast During The Winter

Lately it's been freezing cold in Montreal and it has been impacting our daily commutes, our living habits and apparently our phones as well. 

I know I'm not the only one who has noticed a weaker phone battery over the last few days.  Even though my phone barely leaves my pocket, I find the battery is draining much faster than it normally does.

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Truth is phones aren't made to withstand the cold. In fact older iPhones start having problems as soon as the temperature dips below 0°C. They've gotten a bit more resistant over the years, but not by much. 

Colder temperatures slow down the the electric currents in batteries, causing the sudden drops in charge levels. If your phone is exposed to temperatures below 40°C it would stop working altogether,  and considering it felt like -28°C yesterday, there's no doubt many Montrealers' phones suffered some damage. 

Battery drain is one of the most immediate effects of the cold weather but many other issue can arise:

  • Screen issues - LCD displays are more susceptible to the cold

  • Internal component errors - Devices may have difficulty reading a SIM card or processing

  • Physical damage - You phone screen is more likely to crack if you accidentally hit it or drop it.  

  • Water Damage - Condensation can build up inside your phone once you return to the warmth if you spent a long time outside. 

Here's what you can do to protect your phone: 

Don’t take your phone out in the cold. Leave it in your pocket, or preferably the inner pocket of your jacket close to your own body heat

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