This Is Why You're Always Hungry During The Winter

Your brain is an asshole.
This Is Why You're Always Hungry During The Winter

It's that time of the year again, the weather is getting colder, people are getting lazier and the snacks seems to be everywhere. Most of us tend to put on a few pounds during the colder months and we often equate it to the fact that we are less active, we avoid the outdoors and we're subjected to insane amounts of decadent holiday dinners.

But the reality is, your body is actually working against you.

With all the cool things the human race has achieved, it's easy to forget that we're basically just animals ruled by primitive impulses. But whether we choose to ignore them or not, these impulses are very real and we often have little or no control over them.

One thing our body responds to strongly is seasonal changes. In this case winter is culprit, and there are 2 factors that trick your body into thinking you're constantly hungry: The dark and the cold.

The cold weather signals to your body that winter is coming, so you better be making reserves to be able to survive. So you're not really hungry, you're just cold. But you're body is too stupid to realize you have access to grocery stores so instead it tricks you into thinking you're hungry.

To make matter worse, the days are shorter and we're spending a lot more time in the dark. However, since we aren't nocturnal creatures, your body is constantly pushing to consume more in the daytime.

If that wasn't enough to deal with, we also have to consider the holidays. This time of the year, your brain often equates happiness with food. That's because holiday food is tied to good memories. In this case the hunger is actually you memory tricking you into eating that slice of cake, because you are reminded of how happy you felt the last time you ate it.

But thankfully you aren't completely at the mercy of your impulses and there are things you can do to control that winter appetite: Keep healthy snacks on hand in case those cravings kick in, try to be more active even though it's winter, make sure to get as much sunshine as you can and avoid holiday treats at all costs.

Good luck!

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