This Is Why You're Getting Fat From Eating Chocolate

It's simple math, it's all the other ingredients.
This Is Why You're Getting Fat From Eating Chocolate

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With Valentine's day approaching there's one particular food item that's getting even more attention than it normally does. We're talking of course about chocolate; sweet, sweet chocolate. But forget about all those high end, overly expensive chocolates, we're talking about the most popular dep chocolates, the ones you buy on impulse as you're leaving the grocery store. Isabel Huot of the Journal de Montreal decided to review some of the most popular chocolate bars in Montreal.

Here's what she found out during her "investigation":

  • The bars which contained the most calories were also the biggest; Oh Henry, Bounty and Wonderbar all contained between 270 and 290 calories.
  • With over 4 teaspoons of fat, Wonderbar and Oh Henry were the bars with the highest fat content. However, this is mainly due to their high peanut content which also means they have the highest amount of protein. (Bonus!)
  • Big Turk, Mars, Oh Henry, Bounty and Snickers contained the most sugar with an average of 6 teaspoons of sugar per bar.
  • Clocking in at 215 calories per bar, the brands with the least amount of calories were Crunchie, Aero and Hershey
  • Hershey's, Coffee Crisp, Kit-Kat and Crunchie contained the least amount of sugar with an average of 21.5 g of sugar.
  • Mars and Crunchy are the only bars with a fat content lower than 10g .

In conclusion, while some of these chocolate bars have lower fat and sugar content than others, they're all pretty terrible for you. They have so many questionable ingredients that they have to call them "Candy Bars" instead of "Chocolate Bars" since their technically not even chocolate. So if you're craving chocolate, do yourself a favor and buy yourself some pure dark chocolate.

But if your choices are limited just remember: The best choices (or at least slightly better) were Crunchies, Hershey's and Aero. While the worst choices were Bounty, Oh Henry and Wonderbar.

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