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This Is Your Brain While Ordering Poutine Online

Psychology of the online menu.
This Is Your Brain While Ordering Poutine Online

It's midnight and you're craving pizza and poutine, which has nothing to do with whatever you may have just smoked. Rather than deal with an awkward phone conversation, you go onto Double Pizza's website and get ordering. By the time you're done, your simple order of P&P has turned into a king's feast of cheesy bread, onion rings, a calzone, and six cokes.

Why do you always end up ordering so much online? Well, there's a psychological reason behind it.

Fast Company delved into the psychology of ordering food online, examining the customer buying trends of an online food ordering service, Domino's pizza, and a small chain restaurant that employs digital ordering. All across the board, when people ordered online from these restos, they always ordered more.

Comments from each company's representatives and CEOs revealed the same thing: when ordering online, you have the whole menu in front of you, making your brain aware of so many more food-options, thus prompting you to add on the eats. Over the phone you don't have the same visual stimulation or cognitive recognition of more options, so you stick to your original choices.

Look back to anytime you've ordered food online and you'll recognize the psychological process. You're already hungry, and the sight of all these other delicious options and deals are too enticing to pass up. More options lead to more spending, its as simple as that.

So next time you want to watch your wallet (or waistline) bear through talking to a real person, no matter how inefficient it is or how awkwardly high you are, because your brain can't be trusted.

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