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This Japanese Restaurant In Montreal Now Has An All You Can Drink Holiday Menu

As much sake as you could possibly handle.
This Japanese Restaurant In Montreal Now Has An All You Can Drink Holiday Menu

At this stage in the game, it's pretty safe to say that drinking just might be the key to an awesome holiday season.

Okay, family and friends and the whole holiday spirit have a lot to do with it too - and some really good food never hurts either. Plus, you know. Presents.

via @kabocha_montreal

But there's no doubt that for most people, drinking is a huge(ly fun) part of the holidays. And now, thanks to one Montreal Japanese restaurant, you'll be able to drink ALL THE DRINKS you can possibly enjoy for one flat rate.

Izakaya Kabocha(3627 St Laurent Blvd) is a Japanese Izakaya serving up incredibly high-quality and authentic Japanese food. They've basically got everything under the sun, from sashimi boats to tonkatsu and much more.

via @ciaomiranda12

And that includes tons of imported Japanese spirits and liquors. This spot on Montreal's Main has the largest selection of Japanese sake in Montreal and even has lots of types that are from private importers and not available at the SAQ. They've also got Japanese beer, whiskey and shochu - a Japanese distilled drink.

Tickle your fancy so far? Well, just wait, it gets better! 

This upcoming holiday season, Izakaya Kabocha is offering one seriously LEGIT group menu for groups of four people or more.

Via ciaomiranda12

Prices for Kabocha's Party Menu range from $30 to $38 per person and each menu has either seven or nine choices of... well, basically some of the tastiest and most authentic Japanese food this side of the main.

A sample of the awesome selection on Kabocha's Party Menu? You can get sashimi salad, baby octopus salad, a fresh fish sashimi tray (!), karaage, spicy chicken, chashu don, sushi with tasty/sweet rice that's been festively and naturally coloured red, yakisoba (which come in vegan, chili shrimp or seafood varieties and feature fresh house-made noodles) and a whole lot more!

Via ciaomiranda12

Trust, each dish is basically like a flavour explosion in your mouth. And while the food is great - and the spot is authentic AF, spearheaded by a Japanese chef with tons of experience as a cook in Japan itself - there's one other thing that just might seal the deal.

As part of their holiday menu, Kabocha is also offering (wait for it) an all you can drink menu. I know, friends. I know.

Via ciaomiranda12

Their all you can drink menu goes hand in hand with their Party Menu and is an additional $30. But if your group opts into this all you can drink menu, you have unlimited access to a selection of Kabocha's beers (including Sapporo), sake, shochu and wine, as well as their soft drinks.

Which, let's be honest with each other here for a minute, sounds like basically the best thing ever. The AYCD deal lasts for two hours (PLENTY of time to take advantage of it), and you can only order another glass once your previous glass is finished. Keep in that for the all you can drink menu, you need to reserve two days in advance

via @samsevigny

I mean, fresh, tasty and authentic food and all you can drink sake (and beer and wine and soda and shochu) for a super fair price; plus an authentic, casual vibe to boot? Yeah. Sounds like the perfect spot for a holiday gathering with your friends, family, or even coworkers to me!

And last but not least, Izakaya also has a take out menu so you can still enjoy the deliciousness that is real, authentic Japanese food all from the comfort of your own home.

via @kabocha_montreal

Sounds like one seriously awesome place for your next group get-together? You know it! Check out Izakaya Kabocha's website, Instagram and Facebook for more information and to reserve your spot ASAP!