This Just In, Justin Trudeau Publicly Bashing French Canadians

I know we're Canadian, but we seriously need to stop acting so stereotypical. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was having an interview  with a newspaper in Germany and he was trying to compliment Germany, but in true Canadian fashion, he couldn't help but throw in a little self deprecating humor. 

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Of course, that would have been fine, except Trudeau put his foot in his mouth when he uttered this out loud: 

“You are perhaps a little more, I’m looking for the right word, predictable? No, you’re more organized maybe, than Canadians can be. We’ve got enough French and Latin blood in us to be less organized.”

Perhaps that's not exactly what he meant to say, but it does sounds like Trudeau thinks that Canada's French and Latin heritage is holding us back. 

Obviously this isn't exactly a big deal, but it is funny to see how angry people are getting online.

But it's not Trudeau's fault, he was caught off guard and wasn't prepared for this interview.

Maybe it's because he has French blood in him so he's less organized.